Abbey Golden 

is a gritPOP artist based in New York. Golden mainly works on canvas, using her art to defy traditional rules of dimension, sexuality, materials, gender, and expression. Though a New York native, she graduated with a split major in Fine Art and Art History from the University of Arizona in Tucson. Her work reflects this in her natural and learned talents, as well as in a strong awareness of her artistic predecessors. Abbey has taken part in and organized numerous group and solo exhibits in the Lower East Side, Bushwick, and Chelsea. Her work can be seen in private collections all over the world, including LA, Washington DC, Houston, NYC, Zurich, and South Africa. 

Striving for truth, uniqueness, and a shared experience, Golden invites her viewers to think and, more importantly, feel, rather than just look.


living dolls, 2013

see living dolls homepage for full press release  here


The core concept of this body of work is humanizing technology. These simple line and pattern images have been stripped down to their most basic elements to merely suggest the classical figure. The work is heavily influenced by harsh technological interface, while remaining expressive and emotional. 


The Libertine is an explorer of herself and others. This body of work is compiled of imagery pulled from the seediest corners of our culture. It highlights the clash of when Pop meets sexuality, which can be seen anywhere from subculture websites, smut magazines, sex shops and homo punk movements. 


This series is focused on breaking away from suburban life and traditional thought.  Through appropriation and composite techniques, these paintings are big, bold, and familiar. Their over the top expressions and positions critique the fake reality of obscene wealth and conformity.